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West Coast Craft Summer Event

Event WCC West Coast Craft

West Coast Craft Summer Event was remarkable. We were so thrilled and honored to be part of it. Thanks for having us!

Woo garden handcrafted jam booth at west coast craft fair.

This time around, our display needed a makeover. We incorporated a flower garden atmosphere to our signature black and white theme. It was fairly easy to find the right furniture, but we got stuck on the color for the tabletop. Who knew picking a brown can be so difficult, but I'm happy to say that we're very pleased with the result. See it for yourself. 

Woo garden selling artisan jams at west coast craft summer event

We love it. It worked so well with the grassy green rug. We were careful to test out multiple colors in order to pick the perfect stain. Luckily, one of them delivered the look we were looking for. For DIY newbies like us, I think we did a pretty decent job.

Next, selecting the jam flavors for the show. This is simple since we've quite a bit of spring and summer flavors this year. Check out the jam menu below. I think our jams looked absolutely stunning on the tasting cart!

  • DREAMY (Peach + Earl Grey Tea Jam) ~ NEW~
  • LUST (Plum + Cherry + Chambord Jam)
  • FLORET (Pear + Lavender Jam)
  • VENUS (Strawberry + Rosewater Jam)
  • CLOVER (Kiwi + Honey Jam)
  • DAWN (Pineapple + Grand Marnier Jam)
  • DUSK (Blueberry + Creme de Cassis Jam)
  • LOVEST (Raspberry + Strawberry + Litchi Juice Jam)

Woo garden handmade jam sampling at west coast craft summer event

We love going to shows because it's always fun and full of energy. Surely, this one didn't disappoint. Many first time tasters were surprised by our range of flavors and instantly fell in love. Family, friends, fans, and other vendors came to support us. Some brought us homemade treats that were made with our jams. How impressive is that! It was a rewarding experience to see our jams creating smiles and we thank everyone who came to say hello! 

We hope to see the familiar faces again and can't wait to introduce more intriguing jams to you! Oh, forgot the mention, if there's a bar at the show, you'll most likely find us sipping Bloody Mary around the last few hours. (Don't worry, we're sober.) Please come and say 'Cheers!' Until next time~

A fun show at west coast craft this summer

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