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Breakfast with Jam

We love breakfast and one of our favorite things to do on our day off is to make a simply delicious breakfast. Many people have asked what goes well with our handcrafted jams. Well, let start with some breakfast ideas.


Yogurt + Jam

breakfast yogurt with woo garden jam

This is probably the easiest and quickest way to whip up a light breakfast. Add a few spoonfuls of our jams to any plain yogurt or greek yogurt, then swirl and enjoy! Try it with nuts or fresh fruits too. 


Pancake Balls + Jam

Woo Garden jam with pancake balls

Got some time on your hands, make fluffy pancakes or pancake balls. Dollop our jams on top or brush a few coat on the plate. Stack the pancakes or pancake balls, then dust powdered sugar. Bon appetit!


Bagel + Jam + Cream Cheese

Bagel with woo garden jam and cream cheese

Getting bored with PB&J sandwich? Try this breakfast-on-the-go! Mix a teaspoon of our jam with 2 tablespoons of cream cheese. Spread it on a warm toasted bagel and you're ready to go! Here're a few combinations that you can try: 

DAWN + Cream Cheese + Smoked Salmon
MERRY + Cream Cheese + Ham
BLOOM + Whipped Cream + Fresh Fruits


Breakfast Platter

Breakfast platter using delicious small-batch Woo Garden Jam

We keep it simple with carb and fresh fruits but it's nice to add some proteins (nuts, eggs, sausages, cured hams, or cheeses) to this lovely breakfast platter. Pour jams into smaller containers for dipping. Also try it with maple syrup, peanut butter, or honey. Arrange toast, waffle, fruits, and jams on your favorite plate. We love breakfast platter because it's great for breakfast in bed, but also works well when cooking for a group.


Fruity Toast

Assorted toast with Woo Garden jams, Dusk, Bloom, Dawn, and Fresh

On the days when we can't decide which jams to eat, we eat all of it. Toast several slices of bread, spread butter (or nut butter) and different kinds of jam, then top it off with fruits. We also call this- dessert toast! 


Waffles + Jam

Homemade waffle with woo garden jams!

There're days when breakfast means dessert! Handmade waffles pair wonderfully with jams on the side and seasonal fruits. It is this easy. Don't forget, it tastes even better with ice cream! 

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