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CHEERS Steamed Cakes for Lunar New Year

Cheers Dessert New Year Recipe

Happy Lunar New Year! To celebrate the Year of the Dog, we prepared some mini steamed cakes and tea to treat our guests. This festive citrusy cake is best served warm, right out of the steamer.  CHEERS Steamed Cakes Makes 4 servings Ingredients: 7 Tbsp of cake flour 1 tsp of baking powder 2 1/2 Tbsp of sugar 1/4 cup of milk1 egg 1 Tbsp of oil1 Tbsp of CHEERS (Grapefruit + Orange Juice Jam) Directions: Whisk egg with sugar until well combined, then mix in milk. Add cake flour and baking powder and whisk until smooth. Add oil and whisk again.Pour batter into...

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Quick & Easy PB&J Cookies

cookie Dessert Lovest Muse Recipe Valentine's Day

We love cookies and want to have them all the time, but who wants to shop for ingredients, and measure a ton of stuff just to whip up a batch. Oh, and don't forget the messy clean up afterward. Thankfully our dear friend Adrienne, the girl boss of dough, makes bakeable and snackable cookie dough in a jar. Now, we can bake cookies effortlessly anytime! Today we headed over to Adrienne's lovely home and baked these PB&J thumbprint cookies with our jams. If you're like us who crave for cookies all the time, this post is for you! PB&J COOKIES Ingredients:1 jar of dough's nutty pb6...

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LOVEST Brownies

Dessert Lovest Recipe Valentine's Day

This chocolate brownie is one of our favorite recipes to make. It will warm up any chilly day.  It's rich, yet fruity because of our secret ingredient- LOVEST. Plan a small gathering with friends to enjoy these brownies and sip some freshly brew hot teas.  LOVEST BROWNIES Makes 9 servings Ingredients:  6 1/2 oz unsalted butter (diced)1/2 tsp of pure vanilla bean paste (or 2 vanilla pods)6 1/3 oz bittersweet dark chocolate chips (chopped into small pieces if using chocolate bar)2 large eggs2 egg yolks9 oz sugar1 3/4 oz cocoa powder2 to 3 tbsp of LOVEST (Raspberry + Strawberry + Litchi Juice Jam)  Directions: Preheat oven to 350°F and...

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Cheese Pairing

Cheese pairing Recipe

Enjoying jam and cheese together is nothing new. Usually, you pick a cheese and find a jam to complement its flavor. But for this past July 4th picnic, we wanted to do it the other way around. We hopped over to our local grocery store's cheese department and asked the cheese guy (or expert- we should call him) to pair some cheeses for our small batch jams. And here are the suggestions: BLOOM and VENUS with gruyère CLOVER with chèvre or any mild-flavored goat cheese DAWN with rum runner- this is our favorite cheese! FLORET with sharp cheddar DUSK with brie or cream...

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West Coast Craft Summer Event

Event WCC West Coast Craft

West Coast Craft Summer Event was remarkable. We were so thrilled and honored to be part of it. Thanks for having us! This time around, our display needed a makeover. We incorporated a flower garden atmosphere to our signature black and white theme. It was fairly easy to find the right furniture, but we got stuck on the color for the tabletop. Who knew picking a brown can be so difficult, but I'm happy to say that we're very pleased with the result. See it for yourself.  We love it. It worked so well with the grassy green rug. We were careful to test out...

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